Design Inspiration - Clive Christian

September 16, 2019
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I was surfing the internet the other day and I saw the following rooms from Clive Christan, apparently these pieces are for the very very rich.  Since I can't afford this stuff, it can serve as eye candy. 

Okay the statue is kind of creepy and over the top but other than that, this kitchen is luxurious and classic.
The coffered ceiling with the two chandeliers is fantastic.

This kitchen is truly a great mix of old and new, isn't the island luscious?

This bedroom looks like really high end hotel presidential suite.  Do you see how the TV is built in the bed?

This is my favorite room, from the tufted upholstered wall panels, crown moldings, to the sofas, this room hits it out the park. 
 This would be a great place to curl up and watch HGTV.

Hotel Inspiration - Four Seasons Westlake Village

September 15, 2019
I had the opportunity to stay at the Four Seasons at West lake Village. It's a beautiful hotel with a traditional flair.

Most of their rooms are yellow and even though yellow is a tricky color to use, they did a wonderful job. If you're thinking about a adding a yellow room in your house here's some inspiration. Enjoy!!

Luxe for Less - Candle Lantern

September 14, 2019
Lanterns are great accessories to any room, they can also be very expensive.
Take a look at three different price points below for similar lanterns.

First up, Crate and Barrel's Zinc Hurricane  - $79.95

Secondly, JCPenny's Linden Street Old Fashion Lantern - $19.99

Thirdly, Ikea's Borrby's Lantern - $6.99

Aren't the price differences vast from one retailer to the other?  Got to love Ikea!!!

Bathroom Inspiration - The Tile Shop

September 13, 2019
I have a bathroom remodel in my future, due to the icky carpet installed in the kids bathroomby the previous owners. Imagine carpet in a bathroom used by teenagers, eewww. 

The other day I wandered into The Tile Shop looking for inspiration. And I found plenty so I thought I would share here.

Here's some of the bathrooms in the showroom that spoke to me.

  Classic, traditional and beautiful, my kind of bathroom

Four different sizes of marble tiles were used to made this bathroom classically fabulous with a little edge!

Simple subway tiles along with a marble herringbone floor is a great combination of high and low materials.

Close up of the herringbone pattern, isn't it to die for?

A mixture of travertine tiles gives this bathroom an earthy natural look.

No words needed!

Even though this bathroom uses a lot of natural stone, it stills looks airy and ultra sophisticated.

Different slate tiles used  to make amazing patterns, I'm sure this pattern would also great using inexpensive ceramic tiles 

Classic and luxurious, can you spot which tile isn't natural stone?

Hint, it's the floor, the floor is a ceramic tile called "Carrara Gris', paired with natural stone, is another winner of mixing high and low.

Another classic bathroom

A great mix of glass and ceramic subway tiles

The mixture of natural tiles and ultra modern fixtures are a great combination.

Subway tiles look really expensive when paired with glass tiles and aren't those pendants chic?

Carrara marble makes this bathroom timeless.

 Isn't that mosaic tile on the floor fantastic?

Old world classic elegance

They also had amazing tiles for counter tops,  Look at the counter top above, doesn't it look great for tiles?  It's also very cost effective way of getting granite in your house, especially if you can install it yourself.

Are you inspired?

Bringing the previous West to fashionable Home Decorating

August 08, 2019
What can be additional fun once you have faith in it than incorporating the old story of cowboys associated Indians into your home décor? For those that love a good story and have a wild sense of journey this might be an implausibly fabulous style theme for your next home decorating project. This can be a good thanks to bring the country charm of the previous west into the fashionable world of today's busy lifestyles. 

Bringing the previous West to fashionable Home Decorating
Bringing the previous West to fashionable Home Decorating

Immediately visions of the hacienda with pine and animal skin upholstered article of furniture involves mind. large fireplaces and antlers everyplace are initial and foremost in my mind once this style plan pops into my head. The probabilities area unit as endless as your imagination and solely restricted by your budget altogether honesty. This can be a glance that might be done but on virtually any take into account people who area unit willing to create some thrift store purchases on the means whereas finance a good quantity of exertion.

One issue you would like to take care of with this specific theme isn't taking it too so much. this might be really easy to try to to and it'll solely deduct from the charm and attractiveness if you are doing therefore. Opt for the accessories rigorously however implement them minimally. This could additionally facilitate with potential budget restrictions yet as keep you on target right direction for locating the proper accessories instead of reading everything you see solely to search out later that several merely won't work with the design and style you're hoping to attain in the long-term.

Wood floors and wood adorned walls area unit a good statement for this kind of ornament yet as stone for a fire (if there's a fire of courses). You would like solid article of furniture instead of one thing that seem fragile or dainty and you certainly want to stay the space masculine in look if the least bit doable. Home decorating within the variety of the previous west is not for bachelors alone however an excessive amount of of a female bit can merely kill the attractiveness all at once. In fact, the less female touches the higher save these touches for a romantic bedchamber or toilet instead of the first areas that friends and family can visit. 
Bringing the previous West to fashionable Home Decorating

You will additionally wish to require nice pains to imitate the country nature of the previous west at intervals the room. No delicate china patterns or tables with legs that appear as if which may fall off with a tough wind. This is often be a 'mans' variety of decorating and it has to look like it'll face up to any penalization a person can dish go in order to take care of the fun and lightweight attractiveness of the rest of the house. You'll be able to notice fashionable sinks, fixtures, and hardware that area unit designed to correspond those of the previous west and on the far side if you look within the right places.

For those that area unit searching for one thing a touch out of the standard this can be one variety of decorating that undoubtedly fits the bill. See what howling schemes and dreams you'll be able to come back up with and what form of narration can go along side your previous west style story then produce the story at intervals the walls of your home. There's no higher thanks to move home decorating than this.

Interior Decorating Plans for your Home Bar

August 07, 2019
Your home bar is a region that's enjoyed by you likewise as people who visit your home. though a home bar isn't essential during a home, it's an excellent addition to any house. If desiring to use this house typically, interior decorating plans for your home bar area unit vital. Finding techniques and concepts to create this house hospitable and gratifying would be an excellent plus. 

Interior Decorating Plans for your Home Bar
Interior Decorating Plans for your Home Bar

Depending on the overall theme of your home interior decoration, you would possibly wish to use similar concepts and techniques in interior decorating plans for your home bar. However, it isn’t necessary to stay with constant theme. you'll be able to simply use totally different style themes throughout your home. Since your home bar could be a place to sit down back and relax, you would possibly wish to select calming colors like blues and greens. These colors give a soothing and quiet atmosphere. 

When selecting piece of furniture in interior decorating plans for your home bar, you’ll positively want bar stools, There area unit all varieties of bar stools to decide on from. There’s a customary wood bar stool that is sensible since it matches nearly any style vogue. There area unit enthusiast stools with upholstery exhausted totally different color leathers. Some bar stools area unit able to swivel at all area unit stationary. This call in your interior decorating plans for your home bar ought to most likely be supported comfort since this house is employed for coming together.

Interior decorating plans for your home bar have to be compelled to embrace accessories that area unit fun like music. A reproducer will surely create your home bar an enormous success. individuals prefer to hear music once sitting and chatting. If your budget can enable it, maybe you may embrace a little TV in interior decorating plans for your home bar. it'd be a pleasant spot to sit down, have refreshments and watch the soccer or ice hockey.

Interior Decorating Plans for your Home Bar

Obviously your home bar would force beverages of some kind. Your interior decorating plans for your home bar should embrace a cooler or bar icebox so as to stay the drinks cold. many folks install a bar sink in their home bar. this can be a convenience since it eliminates the requirement to bring tableware back and forth to the room to clean. in fact you may want tableware enclosed in your interior decorating plans for your home bar. selecting totally different sizes and designs of glasses would be an honest plan since not everybody would force constant sort.

There area unit several very little details you may embrace in your interior decorating plans for your bar. Keeping with the color theme you would possibly choose coasters and different accessories to match. Lighting is incredibly vital once creating interior decorating plans for your home bar. There area unit totally different selections of lighting like track-lighting and recess lighting for instance.

Many folks use recess lighting in their home bars. this can be a neat and tidy methodology of putting in lighting. Having the lights put in within the home bar is common. Lighting that may be adjusted up or down is additionally an honest plan for your home bar. If fun an enormous crowd you will wish the lights up however if sitting quiet alone, you will relish a quieter and rheostat atmosphere.

Wintertime Home Decorating

August 06, 2019
Most people begin the house decorating method for winter with a bang solely to finish with a whimper. So much too few individuals understand that Christmas is just the start of the winter season which whereas Christmas decorations area unit a pleasant addition, they're additionally a brief ornamental addition in most homes lasting very little quite a month if that long.

Wintertime Home Decorating
Wintertime Home Decorating

This leaves 2 a lot of months of winter with a sparsely embellished target several cases. There area unit several things that area unit related to winter but so much too several of those things are sweptback beneath the class of Christmas ornamentation and their values as easy hallmarks of winter are forgotten or relegated to the mere distinction of one more Christmas decoration. Winter months for a few area unit long and cold. something that brings a sense of heat and cheer into the house is for the foremost half a wonderful plan as a winter home decoration.

Believe it or not, torpid animals for several brings a couple of feeling of winter. strive victimization black bears as a home decorating theme to create your home feel a touch a lot of cozy and higher ready for the cold nights of season. Flannel may be a nice companion to those pleasant black bears and might be employed in throws, bedding, and curtains so as to complete the design with vogue and diplomacy. In fact, you would possibly wish to add a number of flannel pillows so you'll be able to arrange to hibernate right aboard the lovable black bears.

These area unit quite well-liked home decorations as these days thus you must don't have any downside finding a bear or 2 unless you happen to be in my neighborhood as a result of I've most likely snapped all up already. Fireplaces. there is not enough that may be aforementioned regarding the power of a pleasant roaring hearth to feature heat and a season glow to virtually any space. It very is not winter for many individuals unless there's a pleasant hearth burning within the grate. The heat is most quite simply physical it's additionally soul soothing and comforting to observe a hearth burning bright before your eyes whereas warming your cold hands and feet.

Wintertime Home Decorating
Wintertime Home Decorating

These cracking devices also can add barely of romance to your winter nights thus take care to stay cozy blankets and candles available yet. Speaking of candles. very similar to a hearth candles add a heat cheerfulness to the rooms they bit. There area unit bound fragrances that area unit excellent for season candle burning however even less acceptable fragrances area unit typically welcome throughout winter months as they supply the soft glow that creates the globe appear most smaller and friendlier within the method.

Keep this in mind as you're buying your winter home decorating concepts yet because the undeniable fact that fragrances matter once making an environment thus opt for the fragrances befittingly to the season. Use pillows and blankets in your winter decorating to feature layers of heat and luxury yet as visual charm. it's superb the items that the mind will waste the winter however one amongst the a lot of superb things it will is persuade you that you just area unit heat once you area unit encircled by heat. 

With blankets and pillows lining your sofas and chairs but, if your mind does not persuade you there's continually the choice of simply bundling up and rental your body persuade your mind. there's additionally one thing soothing regarding the comfort and shut softness of the pillows and blankets whether or not one is in excellent health or very feeling the chilliness of winter right down to their bones. 

Don't let the celebration of winter finish once the Christmas tree comes down. realize ways that to include heat into your home decorating vogue that solely winter will accommodate. Embrace the season with heart and laughter and every one that enter your home are going to be warm by the charming atmosphere within.

Home Decorating with Native American Touches

August 05, 2019
There extremely isn't any sort of home decorating which will be known as in spades Native American. There area unit but touches which will be additional to nearly any sort of ornament. The trick is often a matter of incorporating this stuff while not creating them appear out of place.

Home Decorating with Native American Touches
Home Decorating with Native American Touches

Of all the look designs that exist, and in fact betting on the tribe in question, the southwestern sort of home decorating and style would really build an honest match for several Native American artifacts, touches, and design. Pottery is central to a Native American theme. Completely different tribes had different forms of making pottery. If you have got a favorite tribe or a favorite sort of pottery can wish to make the rest of space or style area round the pottery you like because it is sort of personal to several folks and not all forms of pottery will match all alternative forms of weaving, carving, basket creating, or artwork.

Pottery is incredibly helpful in an exceedingly room if you propose to use a number of it during this area. Not solely will most pottery be baked once change of state however it additionally works wonders for storing things like utensils that you simply would really like to own in reach, strays, napkins, and the other belongings you will assume to store among the pottery you have got on the market. If you're about to pay money for it you'll in addition place it to smart use.

Speaking of design. There area unit some stunning Native American prints in addition as some 'sand art' that's a requirement have for a space that's attempting to capture the spirit of the Native American or a minimum of a particular tribe and incorporate that spirit into their homes. i believe this is often a stunning plan for people who would like to pay their respects to people who area unit ancestors to several folks. Not that the pottery mentioned on top of is not art add and of itself however the addition of art which will be placed on the wall may be a welcome addition in several homes. 

Keep in mind additionally that a lot of Native Americans vie the flute. Some folks show a set of Native American flutes next to their prized items of art. There extremely isn't any wrong thanks to set about home decorating once it's your own residence that's being adorned. choose the items you wish, omit the items you are doing not like. you are doing not even ought to be loyal to at least one tripe, design, style, or region once decorating your home. Some folks have happy very little collections that area unit full of every kind of odds and ends items from a good type of inventive designs on the means. 

Home Decorating with Native American Touches
Home Decorating with Native American Touches

For people who hope to stay with a somewhat Native American theme baskets area unit all over again an honest choice to feature to the gathering. Baskets aren't solely pretty however additionally improbably helpful for holding blankets, throws, rugs, pillows, knitting provides, magazines, and the rest you are doing not would like to own cluttering the living areas of your home. they're even quite smart concerning activity remote controls for the equipment after you place them smartly throughout the space. 

The best suggestion for people who would like to honor their Native American neighbors and ancestors by incorporating the design and styles into their home decorating plans isn't to pay an excessive amount of time designing. The Native Americans appreciated nature and permitting several things to happen naturally. Use this chance to find out this vital lesson whereas incorporating alternative nice belongings you appreciate concerning them into your home.

Unique Home Decorating ideas for the Christmas vacation

August 03, 2019
Home decorating is nice any time of the year however it looks to be exceptionally standard throughout the Christmas vacation. once Nov rolls around, folks square measure preparing to brighten and square measure finding out distinctive home decorating ideas for the Christmas vacation. Since this season solely comes once a year, folks tend to travel all out, filling their homes with gay ornaments and decorations. 

Unique Home Decorating ideas for the Christmas vacation
Unique Home Decorating ideas for the Christmas vacation

There square measure several home decorating ideas for the Christmas vacation however finding distinctive ways in which to juice up your home might not quite really easy. This could be wherever your imagination steps in. you'll have visions of what you’d like however turning that vision into reality could seem impossible. once it involves distinctive home decorating, nothing is simply too troublesome to accomplish. With the correct materials and facilitate, you'll be able to work on your distinctive home decorating ideas for the Christmas vacation.

Fortunately skilled home decorators and residential interior decoration businesses perceive the requirement for facilitate in home decorating. as a result of if this want, they publish magazines and came upon websites that includes decorating tips, together with distinctive home decorating tips for the Christmas vacation. truly these home interior decoration specialists sometimes publish material consistent with the season. A special publication is commonly written for the Christmas vacation. If looking out the web, you’ll notice several sources for distinctive home decorating ideas for the Christmas vacation.

It’s simple to run intent on a retail store and develop no matter is modish this year however many of us would rather have their own distinctive decorations at Christmas time. When home decorating for the Christmas vacation, folks usually keep on with the standard red and inexperienced theme. this can be unfortunate since there's a large vary of colors that might be used at Christmas time to reinforce your home. Stylish decorating magazines can probably counsel you utilize any color you wish to make those distinctive decorations. typically you’ll see purple, blue and yellow employed in Christmas displays future windows.

Unique Home Decorating ideas for the Christmas vacation
Unique Home Decorating ideas for the Christmas vacation

Distinctive home decorating ideas for the Christmas vacation is all regarding individuality. Victimization your ideas and your imagination, you'll be able to produce one thing completely individual, not like the other decorations. If your creation may be a hit, it's going to not be distinctive subsequent Christmas vacation. Unique home decorating ideas for the Christmas vacation ought to embrace ancient things like pine cones, poinsettias, holly berries and cranberries. this stuff create nice additions to Christmas arrangements, trees, table settings, wreaths and something to try to to with home decorating for the Christmas vacation.

Distinctive home decorating ideas for the Christmas vacation, in spite of what materials square measure used, will definitely be a reason for speech once guests come back to go to. once on the subject of home decorating for Christmas, maybe your guests could also be ready to share a number of distinctive ideas with you. it'd be informed jot any suggestions and ideas for Christmas decorating. Since you’re unlikely to use these ideas till subsequent Christmas vacation, these nice tips and suggestions simply could also be forgotten and another time you’ll be finding out distinctive home decorating ideas for the Christmas vacation.

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