Garden Plants Safe For Dogs

Azaleas and Rhododendron - These bright and popular garden shrubs are not only dangerous for cats and dogs but horses goats and sheep too. African Violet Roses Sunflowers Zinnia Marigolds Hibiscus Snapdragon Aster Daylilies Herbs such as sage thyme and cilantro.

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Tomato plants are full of solanine which ingested in large amounts can lead to abdominal issues lethargy and a slow heart rate.

Garden plants safe for dogs. However some wood mulches can cause skin irritation in cats and. Fortunately no parts of the plant are harmful. Cedar can actually do a secondary duty in reducing the population of fleas in your yard as fleas dislike the aroma.

Begonia masoniana Family. When it comes to herbs Osborne says the ones listed below can be grown in your garden and added to your dogs meals or mixed into treats in small quantities. Vomiting diarrhea and tremors.

A great zen-maker for anxious dogs chamomile has even been proven to help with your dogs upset stomach or any skin irritations they may have. Dandelion greens the stem and leaf parts of the plant are a natural source of vitamins. Basil varieties are safe for your pets.

Perfect for hanging planters these ferns are like bright green starbursts. But vines are also incredibly versatile serving many a landscaping need. Epipremnum aureum Family.

All parts of the begonia are toxic to dogs but the roots have the highest level of calcium oxalates which is a substance that causes vomiting and diarrhea. So What Plants Are Safe. English ivy Hedera helix 2.

The colorful edible flowers have a spicy flavor and spread a pleasant smell that attracts your pooch. Moreover healthy for dogs if they chew them. This is a plant that grows best in zones nine through 11.

Many of these plants are for indoor use but there are several other dog safe plants that are good for outdoor gardens. If youre searching for Safe Plants for Dogs this list of 19 Dog Friendly Plants can be very helpful. Madagascar Jasmine is safe and non-toxic to dogs.

Ivy Arum Pothos Golden Pothos Taro Vine Devils Ivy Scientific Names. Here are some great Nasturtium benefits and uses 6. These flowering shrubs take some work to establish but once theyre firmly rooted in your garden theyll.

These exotic plants add a special touch to a garden but make sure Fido doesnt eat them. Iron Cross Begonia Scientific Names. Iris Flag Snake Lily Water Flag Scientific Names.

Chamomile makes one of the best soothing teas for us humans and it is just as beneficial for our canine companions. Cape Jasmine and Paraguayan Jasmine ARE TOXIC To dogs. It prefers warm temperatures a good amount of water and needs additional potassium to grow.

While the lush fronds are pretty to look at they are also appealing to dogs and cats who like to chew. While we all love fresh tomatoes from the garden to make salsas sauces and caprese salads you shouldnt let your pets get a taste of the plant itself. Mulch options that are generally safe include cedar or pine mulches.

It prefers to grow in humid indirect sunlight which is why it grows best indoors. Heres the list of beautiful basil varieties like this purple basil in the above picture that you can grow. These flowering shrubs take some work to establish but once theyre firmly rooted in your garden theyll keep coming back each year with.

While it is a very easy plant to care you will need to have a location where it can grow without issue. Theyre ideal in warmer climates but as long as you provide them with indirect sunlight indoors during colder months. Spider ivy or a spider plant is a common household perennial that will be safe for your dog.

Compared to other toxic garden plants for dogs the daffodils level of toxicity is considered mild to moderate. Iris species Family. 14 Dog-Safe Plants To Spruce Up Your Garden.

Culinary dill is obviously safe for humans but this feathery weed is. For dogs and cats not so much. Some ferns have toxic properties but others such as Boston fern Nephrolepsis exaltata are perfectly safe for pets.

If you own a canine friend who has the run of the yard make sure you choose vines that unlike the following examples are not poisonous to dogs. Jack-in-the-pulpit Three-leaved indian turnip Devils dear Wake robin Starch wort Wild turnip Dragon root Bog onion Pepper turnip Brown dragon. Jasmine is a delightful plant that is safe to have around your pup.

Morning glory Ipomoea tricolor Wisteria. According to ASPCA Nasturtiums are safe for your dogs but in small quantities occasionally. 15 Dog-Safe Plants You Can Add to Almost Any Garden Right Now.

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