Garden Plants Quiz Questions

How You Answer These Questions Will Reveal Which Garden You Should Grow. What is the largest family of succulent plants commonly found in arid zones.

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A plant that lives for several years is a perennial plant.

Garden plants quiz questions. Western Brassicas include Brussels Sprouts and. What yellow flowering tree is poisonous. Famous Gardens - World Gardens 1.

Longer and more delicate. What is the other name for a Mountain-Ash tree. What can be placed over Rhubarb to make it longer and more delicate.

Next Question One that loses its leaves in winter. There is so much to learn when it comes to gardening and this quiz will separate the green-thumbed from the black-thumbed. Eggplant or Solanum melongena The aubergine is an edible species of nightshade called Eggplant in North America Australia New Zealand but in Britain the French name aubergine.

By what name is Lancelot Brown usually better known. Thanks a lot for participating in the plants quiz. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Slugs and snails are. Ligularias have big bold leaves that often look like wilted lettuce in the garden. This test includes questions that will ask you to recognize gardening tools name different pests plant harvesting time and so on.

Quiz Title Options Alpines - Alpines 1. Are you obsessed with your garden. What is the common name for any of the plants that fall into the genus Narcissus.

Annuals - Border Plants 1. Take this quiz. Soil can be Acidic Alkaline or.

Where would this plant be happier. Annuals - Container Plants 2. Ready to participate in Plants Quiz.

You have already completed the quiz before. Protect your plants from frost with. Garden Herbs Take the Full Quiz - 10 questions Which herb which is named after an ancient Roman City in Catalonia in Spain is an important ingredient of tartare sauce.

Hence you can not start it again. Do you plant your own vegetables and herbs to enjoy at your familys dinner table. Bulbs - Bulbs 1.

Whats the common name of the plant also known as pissabed priests crown and telltime. You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz. Annuals - Container Plants 1.

What can be placed over Rhubarb to make it. Dont worry if you dont get everything right from the first attempt. Gardening Quiz Questions and Answers.

Alpines - Alpines 2. Which small flower usually with 5 blue or purple petals is associated with freemasonry and has the scientific name Myosotis. What is the toxic substance.

The word annual means to occur every year. Is a blue tulip fact or fiction. What trees bark provided the first form of aspirin.

Annuals - Bedding Plants. Famous Gardens - British Gardens. What type of tree contains all five English vowels in its name.

If You Can Get 812 On This Gardening Quiz You Definitely Have A Green Thumb. Bulbs - Bulbs 2. Soil can be Acidic Alkaline or.

You can use ____ as natural soap. Nature General Quiz Questions. Black walnut trees exude a toxic material from their roots to exclude other broad-leaved plants including their own seedlings from growing nearby and providing competition.

Nature Imitating Nature Take the Full Quiz - 10 questions The False Bird of Paradise Heliconia rostrata is a plant native to many Central and South American countries. Is a blue tulip fact or fiction. All the right answers will be revealed at the end of the test so you can learn new things along the way.

Shepherds Purse is a member of the ___________ family. What plant is used in the treatment of Leukemia. A plant that loses its leaves in winter is a deciduous plant and its leaves will grow back the following year.

Quiz I What name is given to the pollen-producing reproductive organ of a flower composed of an anther and filament. What colour rose is associated with. Annuals - Border Plants 2.

What is the alternative name for the aubergine. Vinca a strain of the Perrywinkle. Next Question One that germinates flowers seeds and dies in a year.

What plant is used in the treatment of Leukemia. You can also take this quiz as many time as you want and there is no time limit.

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