Garden Plants Toxic To Dogs

Oleander is a common landscaping plant especially on the West Coast. African Wonder Tree Scientific Names.

Toxic And Non Toxic Plants Plants Toxic To Dogs Plants Poisonous To Dogs Toxic Plants For Cats

Aloe is known to have health and healing properties.

Garden plants toxic to dogs. Adam-and-Eve Arum Lord-and-Ladies Wake Robin Starch Root Bobbins Cuckoo Plant Scientific Names. Cold-Hardy Perennial Flowers. Castor bean Ricinus.

If ingested all parts of azaleas and rhododendrons cause nausea vomiting depression difficulty breathing and. While this succulent is common as an indoor plant you can also find it outdoors in ornamental plant boxes and southwestern landscaping. Bleeding hearts Dicentra spectabilis Iris.

Foxglove Digitalis purpurea 1. Begonia - These tubers are toxic and can cause irritation of the mouth and difficulty swallowing. Arum maculatum Family.

The kernals of apricots contain cyanide and can be fatal to dogs. The following plants are the most toxic to dogs and should never be made available to them under any circumstances. Castor bean or castor oil plant Ricinus communis Cyclamen Cylamen spp Dumbcane Dieffenbachia Hemlock Conium maculatum English Ivy both leaves and berries.

Plants Toxic to Dogs. An unanticipated problem was encountered check back soon and try again Apricot. Keep your dog well away from these plants and flowers as some parts of these are very poisonous to dogs and can even be fatal.

This bushy shrub can grow as high as 12 feet and its prized for its cluster of flowers in shades of yellow white pink and red. Geranium - Commonly grown in outdoor gardens containers and hanging baskets the Pelargonium species is toxic for pets causing skin rashes low blood pressure lethargy and loss of. While not all lilies are toxic to dogs look out for peace lilies lily of the valley and calla lilies that may cause upset tummies and indigestion.

Monkshood Aconitum Yarrow Achillea millefolium. Ricinus communis Family. Mums Chrysanthemum morifolium Lenten rose Helleborus orientalis Lily-of-the-valley Convallaria majalis Hosta.

Every inch of this plant is poisonous to dogsfrom the flower petals to the pointy long leaves. Alocasia Elephants Ear Scientific Names.

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