Garden Plants That Repel Gophers

Plants such as gopher purge and castor bean may deter gophers from tearing up your yard because of their toxicity. If you tend to a flower or vegetable garden dig a trench around the plot and bury a wire mesh screen hardware cloth.

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Buena Vista Lavender Scarlet.

Garden plants that repel gophers. These plants are usually left alone by gophers. Allium senescens v glaucum. Some gardeners do report some success with homemade gopher repellents such as gopher purge castor bean and garlic.

Arbutus unedo buddleja callistimon ceanothus cistus escallonia fuchsia grevillia toyon hydrangea lantana michelia nandina oleander pomegranate ribes. There is even a euphorbia called mole grass which is supposed to repel them. This is how elderberry branches are arranged around the area to be protected.

Sprinkle inside hole as far down as you can get it. Gorgeous and gopher resistant. Some plants may be irritating to some individuals but not others.

Finally if extra. Elderberry would have the same effect. Coffee Grounds Used coffee grounds are a great repellent to use especially if you have a garden because its usually something youll have around the house and will even help fertilize your plants if youre using it around them.

Soak cotton balls and place in hole. I had a look up and down the beds lining the driveway to see which were the gopher resistant plants and found that they didnt seem to like Pelargoniums or Ice Plant ground covers or Gazanias nor did the German Irises disappear. This grouping of different gopher and rabbit resistant plants consists of a colorful combination of flowers in red blue and chartreuse.

If you will be using gopher repellent place the repellent just inside the openings to the burrows. Im now assured that German Irises are definitely gopher resistant plants. Columbine Artemesia wormwood Ceanothus California lilac Rock Rose Breath.

It should be noted that many plants that are deer resistant are also gopher resistant. These small stakes contain garlic oil and can. Many products on the market that usually work against rodents such as predator urine do not deter gophers.

Keeping Gophers Away Long-Term Start by planting natural gopher-repellent plants such as natal plum lavender salvia catmint oleander penstemons. Soak a rag and stuff down the hole. Place in the hole.

Trees and shrubs. The roots and leaves of the plant are distasteful to burrowing garden pests. Plants with bulbs such as fritillary hyacinth or garlic seem to keep moles and gophers away.

Some other plants that show up often on gophers wont eat lists are columbine aquilegia artemesia ceanothus rock rose cistus breath of heaven. It includes three of each variety. Gopher resistant plants.

Arbutus unedo Buddleja Callistemon Ceanothus Escallonia Euonymus Grevillea Heteromeles Hydrangea Michelia Nandina Oleander Rosemary Westringia Ilex Coleonema Citrus Rhaphiolepis Ribes Cistus. Simply pour the castor oil near gopher entrances and mix it into the dirt near your garden to keep these animals away from plant roots.

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