Garden Plants Deer Won't Eat

Fragrant plants with strong scents are a deers worst nightmarewhich makes lavender the perfect stinky thing to grow in your yard. Deer will usually stay away from okra Abelmoschus esculentus squash Cucurbita pepo and tomatoes Lycopersicon esculentum but not always.

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Root Vegetables.

Garden plants deer won't eat. Its height isnt the only deterrent though. The foundation of this planting Japanese maple bluebeard and switchgrass creates lots of interesting texture and height contrast along the fence. Pansies and violas Viola sp.

Forsythia offers none of those things. In fact it is idyllic until you realise that they love to eat your favourite flowers - the prettier the flower the tastier it is. This one is a no-brainer.

Their woody stems are thin yet strong their leaves arent succulent and a deer would have to eat an entire plant full of flowers to put a small dent in its appetite. Have a fence around the garden that is at least 5 ft. Spread human hair clippings around the plants.

141 rows Some years rabbits eat the foliage on the crocus some years they dont. Any such list comes with a caveat. Deer love to eat plants with succulent water-filled leaves stems or flowers to get the most nutrition out of each bite.

Choose less appealing plants with highly aromatic fuzzy or prickly leaves which deer dont like. Plant them and send herds of frustrated ravenous walking venison over to savage your neighbors garden. Tall this fence discourages deer from jumping.

Plants that deer dont eat Looking out of the window in the mornings and seeing a family of roe deer on the lawn sounds idyllic. FYI their favorite dressings are. Sprinkle grated soap around the edges of the garden.

Edible Plants Deer Dont Eat. Plant marigolds zinnias or hot peppers around the perimeter. Below are lists of edible plants that deer dont eat usually and edible plants that deer sometimes eat though they are not preferred.

Although many plants qualify as deer. Today the ever-benevolent Grump lists dozens of plants deer do not like. Some plants that deer reliably consider unappealing according to the University of Connecticuts Home Garden Education Center include.

For example they are very fond of carrot tops but rarely eat the carrots. Deer wont eat your plants with the right fence At 8 ft. In general deer tend to avoid strongly scented plants like herbs plants with thick or leathery leaves such as yucca and thorny plants such as holly and thistle.

Hang some metallic tape from a pole. Remember theres no guarantee what your neighborhood deer will eat or not but these hardy shrubs pretty perennials and easy annuals are less palatable than others. If people can put pansy and viola flowers on salads and eat them deer surely can.

Deer arent well-equipped for digging up roots so many root vegetables including carrots. The good news is that there are some plants that deer will only eat as a last resort. One way to protect your garden from deer is to plant vegetables that deer do not eat.

Deer can be a little lazy about digging up root vegetables but this doesnt mean they wont eat their aerial foliage. Your best bet.

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