Garden Plants Chickens Can Eat

Not only do they mature quickly providing you with a crop in a matter of mere weeks but they are also super versatile. Never saw them mess with my green beans.

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Fortunately they are quite savvy about what they eat and it is unlikely a chicken will eat something that will harm them due to the bitter taste.

Garden plants chickens can eat. Planting some oregano in your garden and pinching back the leaves regularly to feed to your chickens can help them naturally combat ecoli coccidiosis salmonella and avian flu by strengthening their immune systems. For example you can add calendula flowers into your salads. Mine dont touch it-----List based on other gardeners reports.

They are clumsy and careless about where they walk and lay down. Horseradish plants in the mint family salvias sages and mints chive roses daisies honeysuckle tansy hosta virginia creeper autumn clematis zinnas creeping phlox. Of course chickens will happily dine on scraps from the kitchen but youd be surprised at how they enjoy parts of vegetable plants that we normally do not consider consuming.

Chickens also love to peck at leaves and eat many types of vegetables especially leafy greens. Calendula can be used by chickens as well and it grows in most places especially between vegetables. Beets are one of the best plants you can grow for your chickens.

Your chickens can eat both the root crop and leafy greens too. I bought some mammoth sunflower seeds and have the idea to grow a bunch of them and when the seeds are ready to harvest just throw the flower pods over to the chickens so they can eat them right from the flower. The peas were fenced from the rabbits or else Im sure theyd have gone there.

GARDEN PLANTS THAT ARE GOOD FOR CHICKENS Pumpkins Squash Zucchini Cucumbers Melons the Cucurbitaceae family The vegetables from this family which includes all of the summer squashes winter squashes cucumbers cantaloupes watermelons and gourds are all excellent sources of nutrition hydration and intestinal dewormer for your flock. Chickens will happily dine on carrot tops peels and trimmed ends. They like strawberries like EVERYTHING else does.

Oregano is being studied as a natural antibiotic in commercial poultry farms. They love marigolds love kale and beet tops and although they dont eat the carrots they thought that was a good spot for a dust bath and rolled a bunch of them to death. They always seem to zero in on newly planted seedlings and can often be found foraging near recently turned dirt looking for.

Citrus not pictured yet my neighbors chickens eat it because there is nothing else green in the yard. Chickens are curious and will scratch around pecking at most things trying them out as they forage and some native plants found in gardens or hedgerows can be poisonous to chickens. These flowers are edible for chickens and humans.

Its one of the best companion plants to repel insects. Dried oregano can also be added to their daily feed.

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