Butterfly Garden Plants Zone 7

Make a Mini-Prairie. This prairie-inspired plan includes native grasses and wildflowers that will become a magnet for birds butterflies and other fun-to-watch critters.

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Try to find plants that are specifically intended for attracting butterflies in your region.

Butterfly garden plants zone 7. Good annual candidates for a butterfly garden include creeping zinnia Sanvitalia procumbens marigold Tagetes spp mealycup sage Salvia farinacea Mexican sunflower Tithonia rotundifolia and pentas Pentas lanceolata. Choose a diverse range of plants to attract different species and be sure to include a few taller plants. Massive display of pure white flowers in early spring that lures butterflies and night pollinators.

Butterflies love nectar-producing plants like sweetpea and marigold. Most butterfly garden designs incorporate quite a few annuals to help achieve a steady flower show. Butterfly bush is a common name that refers to several plants though the most familiar are plants belonging to the Buddleia genus.

HGTV How to Build a Butterfly Garden. Zones 3 to 7 These native bushes that attract butterflies are just as lovely as their name. You will find that there is plenty of variety when it comes to finding plants for your garden.

Spiraea alba should not be confused with Filipendula ulmaria a non-native plant with the same common name. Hardiness Zones for a Butterfly Bush. Today 6 Tips for Planting a Butterfly Garden VIDEO Recommended Plants.

Including native plants in your garden creates habitat for all sorts of desirable wildlife. Native meadowsweet likes wet soil in full sun where it rewards you with large cone-shaped clusters of white flowers all summer. 20 by 8 feet.

These Chinese natives are. So create your garden in an area where water collects after it rains or create your own puddles around the garden to give your winged friends a place to sip.

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