Rain Garden Plants Zone 7

This area will receive water infrequently. If you have a soggy area or bog garden dont drain it.

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Dwarf winterberry Ilex verticillata Zones 3 to 9.

Rain garden plants zone 7. Moisture and pollution zones RAIN GARDEN SOIL WATER FLOW EXISTING UNCOMPACTED SOIL 6 BERM or 8 if using weir notch ON DOWNHILL SIDE OF RAIN GARDEN. And cvs Zones 39. Plant for Specific Conditions.

NATIVE PLANTS FOR SHADY RAIN GARDENS Half Shade Rain Garden Full Shade Rain Garden Common Name Scientific Name Class Min Hgt. Weeping trees like Japanese maple Lavender Twist redbud weeping cherry and contorted hazelnut are also common year round plants for zone 7. Daylily Hemerocallis cvs Zones 310.

Sweet pepperbush Zones 39. We have marginal aquatic perennial plants for wet soil that are great for landscaping everything from rain gardens to damp soils. 2 to 3 feet tall.

Redtwig dogwood Cornus alba and cvs Zones 28. Rain Garden for Shade. Pink turtlehead Chelone lyonii Zones 3 to 8.

Or try the more compact Arctic Fire which grows 3 to 4 ft. Rain garden fills up to the top of the Terrace Planting Zone in a large storm event. The listed plants are most suitable for the wetter bottom zone of the rain garden whereas other plants that can tolerate occasional but not constant wetness can be used on the sides and upper edges of buffers bioswales and rain gardens.

Further some plants prefer clay soil while others prefer loam or sand. The upper or transition zone between the rain garden and the non-garden area. American beautyberry Callicarpa americana Zones 59.

Damp soil plants range from carnivorous plants like sarracenia and bog. For rain garden plants that get partial shade consider. Flower Color Bloom Period SunShade Excessively wet in spring fall after a rain but often dry in summer Soggy or marshy most of year COMMENT X Purple giant hyssop Agastache scrophulariaefolia Forb 400 700.

Zones 4 to 9. During very heavy rain events and will drain the fastest. The plant grows 7 to 9 ft.

Shade Rain Garden Plant List. Native Plants including wildflowers and grasses are recommended for use in your rain gardenFort Wayne has compiled an extensive list of plants that might work well in a rain garden in northeast Indiana. These garden perennials love moist spots and will make you fall in love with perennials that dry soil gardeners only dream of growing.

Plants water needs and tolerances determine their ideal Rain Garden Planting Zones. Almost any typical garden plant will work in this zone. Bellflower Campanula americana Zones.

For example some plants tolerate dry conditions while other tolerate only wet conditions. For the drier outer edge plant. Good for holding banks and as space filler in moist ground such as in a rain garden basin.

Comprehensive Plant List-- alphabetical by common name. It will be the most similar to typical garden areas depending on the individuals watering practices. Tall spreading to 12 ft.

Rain Garden Plant Zones Downspout In a natural setting plants have adapted to particular growing conditions. Blue Flag Iris Iris vericolor Southern Blue Flag Iris Iris virginica Water Iris Iris laevigata Pitcher plant Sarracenia spp. STREAMBANK EDGE SPECIES OR SPECIES TO WITHSTAND ENTRY FLOWS AND DROUGHT Most pollution-tolerant plants FACULTATIVE.

Rain garden fills up the Bottom Planting Zone in a small rain event. You may already have many of these plants in your yard. Sweet Pepperbush Clethra alnifolia Yaupon Holly Ilex vomitoria Leucothoe Leucothoe fontanesiana Red Chokeberry Aronia arbutifolia Herbaceous Plants.

Year round plants for landscaping can also include plants that have berries in cold months such as viburnum barberry or holly. Switchgrass Panicum virgatum and cvs Zones 59. They may also be plants with interesting seed heads throughout winter like Echinaceaand sedum.

Placing a rain garden in full shade is not recommended. Examples include northern bayberry sweetfern and several Viburnum species. New England aster Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Zones 4 to 8.

Aggressive Plants The following plants are considered to be aggressive. Partial shade is best. In the center plant 1 to 6.

In addition the plants are an important larval food for monarch butterflies. MAX 21 SLOPE BUT 31 IS PREFERRED. Deciduous holly Ilex verticillata and cvs Zones 58.

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