Garden Plants Deer Love

Hardy geranium geranium endressii also called cranesbill is a 16- to 20-inch-tall deer-loving perennial growing in US. Deer also usually avoid plants with thick leathery or spiky textures.

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Edible Plants Deer Love.

Garden plants deer love. The good thing about those long-term plants is that they will still be around to bring deer in for your grandchildren. Japanese pittosporum Pittosporum tobira. With the price of petunias being so low it is easy to add more to the garden whenever it needs a little perking up.

Deer are known for targeting roses too which sounds odd due to the thorns but apparently they can eat around most of them. Around the Southern coast and in places with alkaline soil this broadleaf evergreen is enjoyed as a substitute for acid-loving azaleas. Oh and check out.

Deer like to munch on bulb plants like tulips and lilies but not daffodils which apparently have a bitter taste and may be toxic. These cheerful-looking yellow flowers are great for keeping deer away but also work well to stop bunnies from munching away at your garden. Adds delicate greenery to corners or shaded niches.

Decadence Blueberry Sundae Twilight Prairieblues. So what vegetables are deer resistant. Deer feel the same way.

Create a Deer Resistant Pollinator Garden. As a general rule deer dont like plants with strong pungent scents. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 9.

Water during dry times in the first year. Are There Fruits and Vegetables Deer Wont Eat. The Ultimate Deer Hunting Property Tree-Planting Tips.

Petunias are some of the most common and budget friendly plants a gardener can add to their yard. Deer dont like the plant called butterfly flower and there are many other reasons you should plant this in your garden. With a longer bloom time than old fashioned bleeding hearts this variety is a must for the shade or woodland garden you know where deer like to hang out.

Flower colors range from deep purple to pale pinks and darkest charcoal and its drought-resistant too once established. Vegetable gardens will attract deer and youll need a very tall fence to deter them. 3 of 17.

It gets pretty flowers monarch butterflies and hummingbirds like it it attracts other pollinators and its a native plant. Plants to Keep Deer Away You can use a variety of ways to. Adds texture and bluish tones to the shade garden long after blooms fade.

Phlox tall garden Phlox paniculata. Other plants that deer love include juniper dogwood and holly. This gives them all winter and spring to develop roots before the hot and dry summer.

Plant trees in the fall. To grow beautiful and healthy lavender plants especially in the humid South make sure they get full sun and proper drainage. Both the foliage and the flowers of lavender emit a sweet perfume that gardeners love but deer detest.

Deer are not fans of this native perennial which sends up spikes of flowers in late spring. Prickly plants like globe thistle globe artichoke above and cardoon resist deer and are tremendous attractors of bees when in flower. It grows in many of the same places in the South as Indian hawthorn does.

Deer will munch away at an entire bed full of petunias so if enough deer come by for a nibble you may have to replant. Deer will eat the flowers as well as the leaves depending on the plant.

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