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When you plant Toucan Scarlet Canna in your garden the bonus is the richly textured leaves that deepen in color as they age. So here is a list of 10 plants that have red leaves and can be cultivated in you.

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You can also find varieties with lime green leaves that turn deep rich red and orange in autumn.

Garden plants red leaves. Named for its feathery summer flowers smoke tree Cotinus coggygria is prized for its large gorgeous blue-green or purple foliage that turns red orange or yellow in the fall. Perfect for hot areas these purple flowers with vivid orange centers are perfect for gardens and later as a. The advantage of having a red foliage plant in your garden is that it gives your garden volume and colour.

Sonic Bloom Red Weigela is hardy down to zone 4. Some red-leaf houseplants such as Coleus Caladium and Anthurium have bright red foliage. Trees With Red Leaves The trees mentioned in this list have a mix of red maroon pink and magenta leaves.

What sets this plant apart is the bold and intricate red veins on medium-sized green leaves. This small flower grows on huge stalks up to 30 feet tall. Some may have a combination of these colors too.

Enjoy these lipstick red blooms on your flowering shrub in spring and again in fall. This plant is commonly called the Bulge due to the shape of its leaves. With a bloom.

This small tree can easily be pruned into a shorter shrub form. Fruit trees leaves characteristics If a fruit tree has red flowers and leaves then it will usually have a red flower and leaves. The anthocyanin pigments are responsible for this colour change.

Its low-growing and will only reach about 3-6 inches tall and 12-18 inches wide. Also they take lesser place than the huge trees with red leaves. At just 3-4 tall smoke bush Velveteeny offers the same silky smooth deep burgundy foliage with large feathery dove graypink plumes in summer.

Most fruit trees have anthocyanins and they produce the. This is actually a succulent plant or cactus. Perennials with Red Leaves New Zealand Flax Phormium tenax Amazing Red is a tender perennial in USDA zones 8 through 11.

Plants with bright red and green leaves brighten up rooms and add a touch of warmth to the d├ęcor. Other types of red-leaved plants such as Begonia Ti plants and Dracaena have darker reds or subtle shades of red. Geranium Pelargonium Golden Ears has gold-edged red leaves.

The plant grows in clumps 2 feet wide and tall. Nerve plants are beautiful in hanging baskets or pots and their contrasting colors will bring a much-needed pop of color. In the fall its unique purple foliage transforms to bright red adding an additional season of interest.

10 Garden Plants With Red Leaves Carpet Bulge. Types Pictures Clematis. It is very important to wait until the second year.

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