Garden Plants Rabbits Eat

This long-eared animal has a ferocious appetite for all kinds of woody plants vegetables and berries. Are bunny rabbits eating all of your bean plants.

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But I learned something else- that there is a third category of vegetables that rabbits will tolerate.

Garden plants rabbits eat. I found a really simple and cheap way to protect my beans from nibbling pests like rabbits groundhogs an. According to veterinary experts tomatoes can offer many essential nutrients vitamins and health benefits to rabbits. Tolerate plants are those rabbits will.

All categories of plants are eaten by rabbits including perennials annuals shrubs tree seedlings grasses fruits and vegetables. There are many species of wild rabbit found in the Leporidae family and virtually all of them will readily feast on garden plants ranging from herbs and vegetables to shrubs. Im sure theyd love to get at our lettuce beans carrots radishes strawberries sunflowers zinnias etc.

Its glossy divided foliage adds wonderful texture and color to a small-space shade garden. Perennials and Bulbs frequently eaten by rabbits. Other animals such as deer raccoons and squirrels also eat these plants.

However we do have pumpkins and zucchini growing in raised beds outside the main vegetable garden. Other plants to leave when foraging are Aconite Celandine Corncockle Cowslip Dock Fools Parsley Henbane Hedge Garlic Ivy Spurge Travellers Joy Tree Lupin Wild Garlic and Wood Sorrel. Rabbits prefer tender woody plants with thin bark so new plants and shoots are at the most risk.

One of the most common plants in shade gardens rabbit-resistant astilbe sends up feathery plumes of pink white and red in early summer. With their sharp upper and lower teeth they make clean cuts on plants. 1 If you have a shrub they keep gnawing on trying using a rabbit repellent.

Rabbits are inherently herbivores feeding on different plants. Look for varieties with bronzy tones infused in the leaves for extra color even after the blooms fade. These small but voracious mammals hanker after tender greens including baby lettuces and the fresh new growth on a hosta.

Keep in mind that rabbits are incredibly fast eaters and are going to cut through your plants within a few days only. If it looks like someone came along with a pair of snips and sliced through lower stems youve got rabbits. The best way to avoid rabbit damage in the garden is to fence off the area where rabbits do the most damage.

Also toxic and not to be fed to rabbits are arum bryony and hemlock. No matter how soft-hearted you are you probably dont want rabbits nibbling on your plants no matter how adorable they look hopping through your garden. Remember youll need to reapply after rain and according to directions on the container Apples crabapples Malus spp.

What does this mean. Rabbits flip for lettuce beans broccoli and peas which includes green beans and avoid asparagus garlic and potatoes. Vegetables Our main vegetable garden has a rabbit proof fence so thankfully most of our veggies are safe.

Once you are sure that there are rabbits eating up your tomato plants you need to take timely action. Shrubs and Trees.

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