Zone 8 Rain Garden Plants

Tall with delicate fronds that can turn brown after repeated frosts. Zones 2 to 8.

Restorenativeplants Beautiful Native Add Ns To Rain Gardens Great Blue Lobelia Red Cardinal Flower Flash Of Blue Cardinal Flower Native Plants Rain Garden

With Photos Without Photos PDF Excel Native Plant Sources.

Zone 8 rain garden plants. For rain garden plants that get partial shade consider. Daylily Hemerocallis cvs Zones 310. Almost any typical garden plant will work in this zone.

Moisture and pollution zones RAIN GARDEN SOIL WATER FLOW EXISTING UNCOMPACTED SOIL 6 BERM or 8 if using weir notch ON DOWNHILL SIDE OF RAIN GARDEN. Rain Garden Plants Zone 8 Rain garden design the ultimate guide environment with a rain garden environment with a rain garden how to build a rain garden in your yard rain garden plants and designs rain garden plants and designs. Deciduous holly Ilex verticillata and cvs Zones 58.

The dry area is located on the berm the raised soil that prevents stormwater from exiting the garden. Rain garden fills up the Bottom Planting Zone in a small rain event. Dwarf winterberry Ilex verticillata Zones 3 to 9.

X Marsh fern Thelypteris palustris Fern 150 250 FP SUN X X Perennial herb with slender creeping black rhizomes. Cranberry or lowbush blueberry are good ground covers for acid soils as well as many ferns and sedges. Blue flag iris Iris versicolorwhich brightens the rain garden with lavender-blue flowers in the spring.

3222014 The shrub layer might include red or black chokeberry buttonbush red-twigged or silky dogwood winterberry witch hazel rhodora and oakleaf hydrangea. Redtwig dogwood Cornus alba and cvs Zones 28. Plants water needs and tolerances determine their ideal Rain Garden Planting Zones.

It will be the most similar to typical garden areas depending on the individuals watering practices. It sometimes volunteers in mild regions and roots are vigorous and can be invasive. Publication Available by clicking here or at DNR offices.

Below are various resources to help you choose the best plants for your rain garden. 8302018 Plants for a Rain Garden. American beautyberry Callicarpa americana Zones 59.

During very heavy rain events and will drain the fastest. 582020 Arrowwood Viburnum dentatum which is a nicely rounded shrub with glossy leaves and dark blue berries. With Photos Word PDF Without Photos.

Sweet pepperbush Zones 39. Plants for Stormwater Design. 2 to 4 feet tall.


The center of the garden. New England aster Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Zones 4 to 8. Purple coneflower Echinacea purpurea and cvs USDA Hardiness Zones 39.

Another beloved perennial Purple Coneflower begins producing huge daisy-like blooms in midsummer and continues through the fall. It looks very natural in a wet setting. Rain Garden Plants for Birds and Butterflies.

Zones 3 to 9. 1012015 A graceful plant for shady areas and woodland gardens this ferns grow 4 ft. X Spiderwort Tradescantia ohiensis Forb 200 300 blue SUMMER FP SUN X X X Culvers root Veronicastrum virginicum Forb 300 400 white SUMMER FP SUN X X.

Switchgrass Panicum virgatum and cvs Zones 59. Avoid the yellow flag iris Iris pseudacoruswhich is an invasive species that will take over. This area will receive water infrequently.

Wet moist or dry. Shady Rain Garden Plant List. They are hardy in zones 4 8.

It has creamywhite blossoms in late spring and colorful fall foliage. Pink turtlehead Chelone lyonii Zones 3 to 8. Bellflower Campanula americana Zones 4 to 7.

Cardinal Flower Lobelia cardinalis Zones 2 to 9. Your rain garden may have three separate zones. Give it part to full shade and regular to ample water try it in rain basins.

Some plants prefer clay soil while others prefer loam or sand. Zones 3 to 8. Rain garden fills up to the top of the Terrace Planting Zone.

These deer resistant plants will thrive in part to full sun and do well on the slopes of a rain garden. 3232018 Phlox do require full sun and prefer the slopes of a rain garden. And cvs Zones 39.

The upper or transition zone between the rain garden and the non-garden area. 6 to 10 feet tall and wide.

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