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I'm finally getting around to completing all my half finished projects around the house, and trust me I have quite a few of them.  I'm going to try tackling a project each month.  We'll see how that goes. 

This past weekend I worked on my guest room and I think I'm finally done until my Design ADD kicks in again.

Here's a shot of the room before, in all of it's purple glory.

Here's the guest room now.

I know the imperial trellis pattern is "supposed" to be last season but I still love it, plus this pillow came from Target and only cost $10.  Can't beat the price and the shot of blue has a huge impact in the room.

The wall color is sauteed mushroom. 

I purchased the stencil months ago and was dragging my feet because I thought it was going to be a lot of work but it only took around 4 hours for the wall.  I used a roller and it was fairly easy except for last row since I had to bend the stencil. 

The paint for the stencil pattern was a metallic paint from Martha Stewart and the mirror was purchased from Home Goods.

 Every guest room needs a chair and this chair doesn't overwhelm the room, plus I'm a sucker for nail head trim.

I purchased this capiz shell chandelier from Target when they had their last global bazaar event, it was on clearance for $25.  This was definitely an awesome buy.  I do miss Target's global design event, I wonder if they'll bring it back.

Well that was the room in all it's glory, one project down, countless to go......

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