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Let's scribble the walls!

We have always been dreaming of scribbling the walls - at least, when we were young! From graffiti to wall mural, here are some ideas, in case you would be tempted to start painting your walls (again?)

       Wall mural

Instead of hanging a canvas, why don't you paint directly on the wall. In this particular case, the paint also covers a part of the door, so that the artwork become lively.

A shop in Tianzifang, Shanghai  

       Short-live art

Momoko Suzuki's (erasable) pencil drawings don't look like anything else: her psychedelic style and her curved arabesques, picture a delicate world, full of fantasies.

Momoko SUZUKI, 20 Hoxton Square Projects

Here is a similar artwork, currently exhibited at the Hong Kong Artify Gallery.

WW Gallery, 2010.

       An original headboard

@Shake my blog 

Here is the result of an extremely realistic headboard with very little effort! NB: DOn't forget to draw the outline with a pencil before using paint! 

We love the fading effect with the rest of the room's décor (curtain, pillows…). The plant seems to root in the curtain and extend to the ceiling: well use of perspective!

       Long live to unrestrained creation

In this hip Lima bar - Le Emolienteria, Miraflores - walls are ornamented with colorful kitsch fresco. The rest of the decoration perfectly fits in this stylish room.

Note the wrought iron window that turns into a flashy pink table and the old wheelbarrows that change into  stools. 


Whether it is a famous or a newbie artist, street art graffiti do well on the walls! Aside from using the walls, M. Cat also make use of the ceiling and the door.
M.Cat at Norman's place
You might also use the stencil/sticker option. However, the effect is less authentic than paint.

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