Appliance Revolt.... Grrrrrrr!!!!!!

OMG my appliances have turned on me... my washing machine (the devil) has finally died and my microwave/oven combo is halfway there.  The microwave has completely stopped working but it is fourteen years old so I really can't complain but now it means that I have to now replace the entire unit. (cha-ching)

The devil is a Whirlpool Duet Sport and is less than 6 years old but it's a front loader and from my experience totally unreliable.  That sucker has broken down numerous times since I bought it.  The sad thing is that it cost me a pretty penny and I feel like I've been bamboozled.  WHIRLPOOL IF YOU ARE LISTENING, STEP YOUR GAME UP.   If I'm spending over a grand on an appliance, I expect that bad boy to work.  Now I'm actively searching for a new machine and braving the laundromat (tears) with tons of clothes.

Does anyone out in blog land know of any really reliable front loaders?  If you do please let me know.

On a bright note I created my first YouTube video, the camera man (she shall not be named) was a little shaky but I think it came out okay.