Vacation Art Redo

I love a good vacation and I've been very fortunate to travel to many great places from London to Paris to Aruba and Mexico, just to name a few.  To save money for my trips, I wouldn't eat out and I would brown bag my lunch it and it was so worth it.  Nothing beats lying on the beach in St. Thomas or standing under the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  During every trip, I would always pick up a plate from each country and/or a cheesy sovereign.

During one of my trips to Jamaica, I purchased the following "art work" (I'm using this term loosely) and years later I'm still thinking the same thing, what exactly is it and is it getting uglier?  I could blame it on the margartias but since I only have one drink a day, that can't be it so let's blame on the sun and being relaxed... yup that sounds much better.

  "Art Work"

This year I've decided to start purging and getting rid of stuff that aren't enriching my life, and of course this "art work" was on my hit list.  I was getting ready to throw it out when inspiration hit while I was playing around on Tagxedo.  Tagxedo is a cool FREE website that allows users to use words to create visually stunning typography shapes.

It's really easy to use:
Click Create from the Home Screen
Click Load, Add the text you want and press Submit
Click "Theme" to see what happens
Click Shape arrow button and select a shape and Viola, magic!
 To create my art, I uploaded the shape of Jamaica and added my words and presto, Tagxedo created the most fantastic art.  

 My Tagxedo creation... luv it

I, then printed the typography art at Office Depot in black and white since it was the least expensive option (it cost me less than $2).  Using Mod Podge I added the print to canvas and now I have piece of art that I can live with.  I think it looks way better now, what you do think?
Finished product.... (it's still a wrinkly because the Mod Podge is drying)

With all the endless possiblities with Taxgedo, head on over and play, the possibilities are endless.

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