Should I & Shouldn't I

You would have to be under a rock to not realize that chevron pattern is now mainstream and is everywhere.  I know a lot of people are sick of chevron but it's been around forever and it's so high impact that it always makes a statement.  I'm still in love with it, especially in tile work and I did a post here on bathroom inspiration and I loved the chevron tiles that were in the Tile Shop.

Target has jumped on the bandwagon and have produced a line of home decor items with chevron.  I was walking in the aisles of Tar-gay and I saw a gold chevron lampshade and of course I snatched it up.  I've been searching for a lamp shade to add to some solid brass lamps I picked up from goodwill.

Now that I have them home, I'm still smarting from the price tag of $20 a piece.  Yup I'm cheap frugal like that.
I haven't really unwrapped it because I'm still on the fence, so what do you think?
Should I or shouldn't I keep it?

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