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Resolutions and New Starts


Each new year always gives us an opportunity to start anew.  I normally don't like resolutions because I really don't keep them but I've noticed that I do much better when I have set goals in mind.
So, here are the new goals I'm setting for the 2012.

1. Stop dressing like a bum - A work from home a lot and I tell you, sweat pants and head scarfs are my friends. However I was in Walmart buying a bottle of wine when the cashier took a look at my driver license's picture, and said (no lie) "You look nice here".  She was lucky she was an older lady because I might have been prone to cuss her out.  I was also recently (ok two days ago) approached by a woman in HomeGoods who wanted to know where I got my Louis Vuitton bag and she was shocked when I said 'the Louie Store' to which she replied, "Oh I thought it was a knock off" because obviously I looked like couldn't afford a real Louis Vuitton Bag.  Yup she needed to be cussed out too.  So I guess that's a sign to say stop looking homeless?  Hmmm maybe...

2. Finish my bedroom - yes it's still unfinished

3. Remove the carpet from my steps and replace with wood, because right now it's nasty looking... ewww

4. Get an additional source of income -- still figuring this one out

5. Eat a piece of fruit or veggie each day

Do you have any resolutions or new goals for 2012?

Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous 2012!

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