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September 16, 2019
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I was surfing the internet the other day and I saw the following rooms from Clive Christan, apparently these pieces are for the very very rich.  Since I can't afford this stuff, it can serve as eye candy. 

Okay the statue is kind of creepy and over the top but other than that, this kitchen is luxurious and classic.
The coffered ceiling with the two chandeliers is fantastic.

This kitchen is truly a great mix of old and new, isn't the island luscious?

This bedroom looks like really high end hotel presidential suite.  Do you see how the TV is built in the bed?

This is my favorite room, from the tufted upholstered wall panels, crown moldings, to the sofas, this room hits it out the park. 
 This would be a great place to curl up and watch HGTV.

Hotel Inspiration - Four Seasons Westlake Village

September 15, 2019
I had the opportunity to stay at the Four Seasons at West lake Village. It's a beautiful hotel with a traditional flair.

Most of their rooms are yellow and even though yellow is a tricky color to use, they did a wonderful job. If you're thinking about a adding a yellow room in your house here's some inspiration. Enjoy!!

Luxe for Less - Candle Lantern

September 14, 2019
Lanterns are great accessories to any room, they can also be very expensive.
Take a look at three different price points below for similar lanterns.

First up, Crate and Barrel's Zinc Hurricane  - $79.95

Secondly, JCPenny's Linden Street Old Fashion Lantern - $19.99

Thirdly, Ikea's Borrby's Lantern - $6.99

Aren't the price differences vast from one retailer to the other?  Got to love Ikea!!!

Bathroom Inspiration - The Tile Shop

September 13, 2019
I have a bathroom remodel in my future, due to the icky carpet installed in the kids bathroomby the previous owners. Imagine carpet in a bathroom used by teenagers, eewww. 

The other day I wandered into The Tile Shop looking for inspiration. And I found plenty so I thought I would share here.

Here's some of the bathrooms in the showroom that spoke to me.

  Classic, traditional and beautiful, my kind of bathroom

Four different sizes of marble tiles were used to made this bathroom classically fabulous with a little edge!

Simple subway tiles along with a marble herringbone floor is a great combination of high and low materials.

Close up of the herringbone pattern, isn't it to die for?

A mixture of travertine tiles gives this bathroom an earthy natural look.

No words needed!

Even though this bathroom uses a lot of natural stone, it stills looks airy and ultra sophisticated.

Different slate tiles used  to make amazing patterns, I'm sure this pattern would also great using inexpensive ceramic tiles 

Classic and luxurious, can you spot which tile isn't natural stone?

Hint, it's the floor, the floor is a ceramic tile called "Carrara Gris', paired with natural stone, is another winner of mixing high and low.

Another classic bathroom

A great mix of glass and ceramic subway tiles

The mixture of natural tiles and ultra modern fixtures are a great combination.

Subway tiles look really expensive when paired with glass tiles and aren't those pendants chic?

Carrara marble makes this bathroom timeless.

 Isn't that mosaic tile on the floor fantastic?

Old world classic elegance

They also had amazing tiles for counter tops,  Look at the counter top above, doesn't it look great for tiles?  It's also very cost effective way of getting granite in your house, especially if you can install it yourself.

Are you inspired?

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Design Inspiration - Clive Christian

Welcome, to all my visitors from Better After, thanks for stopping by my blog.  Feel free to poke around. I was surfing the internet th...