July 06, 2019
Hello, everyone!

Today I am sharing how I made Christmas garland a couple of years ago for our stairwell and front door.

I always wanted to have garland on the banister for the holidays, but as you all know, our stairwell is pretty huge and it would of cost me a pretty penny to buy them already made.

I shopped around in several stores, but the final outcome was the same, I needed to spend a few hundred dollars to be able to make enough garland for all the railings.

And then, during a shopping trip to the Dollar trip, I found such cute ornaments and ribbon that I decided to buy them and give it a try. I already had a box full of poinsettias. 

I bought the greenery at Hobby Lobby 50% off.

A bunch of pretty picks, ornaments and ribbons from Dollar Tree.

And got busy making lots and lots of feet of garland :)

As you can see, I had to lay it all down on the floor to be able to add and glue all the decorations.
I did this on and off for over a week.

And when all the pieces were finished, I made bows using the same ribbon.

I am not going to lie, it was a lot of work and many hours on my knees trying to make them look right with what I had, but I think they looked cute when I was finished.
The best part is that I was able to do the complete stairwell and front entrance for about $40.00

And once they were up, my husband asked where I was going to plug them in. 
Yikes!!! I forgot to add the lights!
Once again, I purchased them at Dollar Tree and for $5.00 more, I was able to add lights to the whole stairwell.

Not bad for about $45.00.
What do you think?
I hope this post gives you a little inspiration to make your own Christmas garland.

I will be back tomorrow with the top viewed posts of this week Tuesdays at Our Home.
Until then!

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