July 04, 2019
Hello, everyone!

With Thanksgiving just a couple of weeks away, I know we are all thinking about the upcoming holidays and we are starting to plan and prepare. I don't know about you, but I sure don't want to get caught in that holiday shopping madness, so for the first time ever, I did start planning weeks ago. 

Today I am sharing an idea to help you start getting ready on your Holiday gifts. 
This is something I did last year and I have to tell you it was great success.

This was my first time making a gift basket but I have to say, it was really fun putting one together.
Last year, not only I wanted to give my brother-in-law and his family a gift for Christmas, I wanted it to be a gift that would bring them memories of our culture and traditions.

After weeks of trying to figure out what I could do, while shopping at Macy's, I run across a beautiful ceramic tapas set from a new collection of ceramics hand painted in Spain. I took that idea and I run with it. :)

I bought a basket  and so pretty red filler and set out to find everything I needed to make it special.

We have here a wonderful market full of gourmet food from all over the world and I was able to find many things from Spain to create a nice basket for them with the food we grew up with.

It was nothing fancy, but from the heart.

I was even able to find some Turron, which is one of the Christmas sweets that we grew up with.

 Once  I had everything I started rearranging everything inside the basket
First, a bottle of Spanish wine.

Look at the little bull hanging from the wine bottle. I thought that was original.

Two wine glasses with some little bags of Spanish candy inside

Olive oil and vinegar, also from Spain and a few more "goodies" :)

I put two Christmas flowers on each side of the basket to make it more festive

And I wrapped it with a pretty holiday cellophane paper.

And to finish it, I just added a bow made of red and gold ribbon

Imagine the possibilities!
You can create one of these baskets for somebody that loves to cook or may be a movie night theme.
So many choices. :) 
I hope this post gives you a little inspiration on your holiday gift planning.

Thank you all for stopping by.
See you soon!

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