Design Inspiration: Paneled Walls

December 13, 2018
I'm currently obsessed with Paneled Walls and I'm itching to add a treatment in my home.

Design Inspiration: Paneled Walls
Hotel Es Vive, Ibiza. Interior designers Cochrane Design, London. 
Intrigued by the refined look of this molding but at any time there could 10 teenage boys in my house so this might be a little too formal.

Design Inspiration: Paneled Walls
Roaring Gap residence, NC. Ruard Veltman Architecture, Charlotte.

I'm digging these Grey Paneled Walls, I love the mix of the old wall treatment and the color gray.

Design Inspiration: Paneled Walls
Anne Decker Architects, Bethesda, MD. Tom Arban Photography.

Now, this is everything.  Look at the door hidden by the wall paneling. Genius.
I'm definitely in love and I have to find a way to DIY it because I'm still scared of cutting off my finger with a table saw. Sigh, phobias are the worst.

Which one do you like the most?

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